Hello everyone!
   Greeting and Salutations! Miss Styrie Gurl is not my  real name...... or is it? I have synesthesia and like to read books upside down or backwards.  

My heroes are Lemony Snicket and Pseudonym Bosch. I hope to join them in the land of mysterious and slightly shady writers one day, where we will write skeptically suspicious stories together in the back of a abstruse alley way while slowly sipping orange tea. 

 I love writing and have been for as far back as I can remember. (Which is a long time because I can remember falling into a rabbit hole while chasing the white rabbit when I was two )  

I think that I am quite friendly so don't be afraid to say hi or ask me a question, I don't bite hard. (At least not as hard a Sonny does)  

One day I hope to set the world record for eating the most green beans underwater while painting my toenails. I also hope to one day throw a clock of the Eiffel Tower and see time fly. 

You can recognize me around town by my trademark yellow galoshes and pink hair bows. Most people have never seen my face because I walk backwards everywhere. 

Things I have never done:

I have never eaten sushi

I have never been to timbuktu

I have never seen an albino elephant

I have never ridden a goat

Have you ever done any of those things?
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The Valentines Story

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Description: You know that time of year when red and pink seem to cover every corner of every store and small naked babies with arrows become disturbingly popular? Yep, it's that time again, Valentines! In honor of this intriguing, mysterious and always pink an...


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Hey all my fab fans :) if you share my story on Facebook or Twitter I will promote your story on my profile page and vote for several chapters of it :) please help me out! Love y'all -Miss Styrie Gurl 
Hi everybody!!! I entered 29 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way in the Watty Awards!!! Please please PLEASE support me by sharing my stories link on Facebook with the #wattys2014 

The story with the most shares wins!! Please, if you've enjoyed even one moment of my story share it! 

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