I'm going to start following people for no reason!!:D
      Check out my official profile @MissNaijaBabii
      I'll fan back if you fan
      Be prepared to get followed for no reason!!!
      If you fan me A HUGE ASS THANKS!!!!!:D
      You might actually get a virtual candy.....maybe a virtual hug too....
      I am a DIRECTONER!!:)
      Well I'm random and awesome :)
      When I said I loved white chocolate I meant I LOVE LOVE LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!:P
      It's just so freaking good!!!!
      Anyways.....I'm really tall
      I'm 5'9 some might think 'Oh!That's not tall!!'But for my age it is:)TALL PEOPLE RULE!!
      I have 5 siblings
      1Big sis,1Lil sis,1Lil bro,1Lil Step-sis,and 1Lil Step-bro
      I'm the middle child...so...I get what ever I want!!
      You wanna know where I'm from??Well of course you do you wouldn't be reading this if you were bored,right?RIGHT?!?
      I'M NOT LOVED!!!
      Ok I'm back in buisness 
      I'm Irish,Puerto Rican,African,Indian,And Native American!!!Yep I know I'm awesome :)
      I actually can't belive I'm Irish.CRAZY SHIT!!!
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      My fav shows are Adventure Time,Regular Show,Courage The Cowardly Dog,My Strange Addiction,How I Met Your  Mother,The Big Bang Theory,TMZ,The Office,And SpongeBob SquarePants.
      My fan button likes getting clicked,Fan if you know what I mean.*Wink Wink*
      _DON’T LABEL ME_ 
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      ║╚╣║║╚╗If you like to laugh! XD 
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