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Second Chances Rarely Come (FCAAYN Sequel)

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Description: I am Jazmine Hale, formerly known as Amelia Moon. Amelia is thought to be dead from a plane crash. In reality she changed her name and face, and became me. This is my story as I try to make a new life for myself. Will I manage to hide who I am, or w...

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Fast Cars Are All You Need

Fast Cars Are All You Need

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Amelia Moon used to be a good girl, but that all changed when she was adopted for the last time. After g...


When we got to the house I sat in the car until Dom walked over to my side of the car to help me out. We walked into the garage hand in hand to find everyone sitting around on the sofas drinking Coro...
Also still debating on whether or not Monterro is really a bad guy or not. I would love to know how you guys feel.

When we got to the house I sat in the car until Dom walked over to my side of the car to help me out.
Hey. shout out to my readers. Loving the feedback, please keep it up. On a side note, if I have been calling someone something all through the book and suddenly change the name please let me know. I noticed in the first book I ended up calling Jared Justin toward the end. Also if something isn't making sense to you please let me know so I can try to fix it. You probably aren't the only one getting confused. I have a really bad memory so I often use the search and find tool in Microsoft word to try to find certain sections, and I don't go back and read the book everytime I have been away from the story for a while, so I may end up getting a few things mixed up. For example I almost put Jasmine waking up in the normal house instead of the safehouse. Feel free to either comment or message me about any problems you notice. I don't bite, or freak out on you guys if you do, promise. :) I'll try to have the next update up by this time next week at the latest. If it's not up by then please yell at me to get my butt in gear. lol.