Creative writing student in Winchester :)

Old inkpopper since 2009; this is the same MiniMoxx from inkpop.

Addicted to everything writing, and I'm always willing to try and write a bit of everything.
I have way to many ideas in ratio to actual books...which is always a problem.
I've been writing since I can remember, but it's only been since I was 12 years old that I started writing actual books, which is kind of scary really. I wrote my first proper novel at 14 - my finished one anyway. I spent two years trying to finish stuff and never did!

I was shortlisted for 'Young Movellist of the Year 2013' for my novel 'The Thorn in my Flesh'

Some facts about me:
1. I'm always writing. You see me scribbling away, yeah that's an idea. I'm on my laptop, writing. I'm staring into space, thinking about a plot line or character. You see me walking down the road with my music on, I'm probably thinking about my next book. Writing is my addiction and my life. I can't stop it, no matter what.
2. I love Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Lost. I'm pretty much a geek and I'm not ashamed.
3. I used to hate poetry, but now I've done a module on it at University, I kind of like writing poetry.
4. I'm a cat lady. I adore cats; they're (mostly) all adorable. :)
5. I live in my pyjamas. If it was sociably acceptable to walk around in my PJs, you can bet I'd do it.
6. I love applying make up. I can be quite the girly girl when I want to be.
7. Saying that, I used to have a goth/emo phase. We don't discuss that fashion phase ;)
8. I'm a proper gamer nerd. Love video games. Sims, Far Cry, CoD, Skyrim, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy. I blame my fiance.
9. I'm engaged <3 I love my fiance so so much, and he's my inspiration. The recent romantic turns in my writing are thanks to him. Seeing as before I hated anything near romance or romantic... yeah :/ lol <3

My website: http://minimoswriting.weebly.com/

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