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Name Riley - A.K.A. The Black Rose
Location British And Proud !
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Hi, errr. I'm Not really good with this kinda thing but, here goes ;P
First thing's first, I'm Not very Good with Compliments. So if you get one from me - seriously - you are a great writer ! I am very Sarcastic and I laugh a lot. At absolutely nothing. And It Confuses the Crap outta me!
It drives me mad when people spell things wrong or use incorrect grammar, I'm sorry If I start to rant at you. It's just the way  I am !!!

REMEMBER PEEPZ -       'definitely'      not defiantly   !!!         

defiantly means you do something defying something/someone else !!!   Look it up in a dictionary !!!

My Fave colours are Cobalt Blue, Dark Purple, Black, White, Silver and acid Green.

When I eat I get this funny mood where I just start laughing at nothing. And then I try to work out what is making me laugh, but that always ends up making me laugh more, as I think of random daft stuff. XP

I'M CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Emo. 

I Love Music.
Lady Gaga
My Chemical Romance
All Time Low
Bon Jovi
All American Rejects
Katy Perry
Black Veil Brides

Can't think of anything Else Right now, Will write more Later Peepz


Emo Haters, Read this.

Emo Haters, Read this.

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