About me:
      I am awesomly lazy.
      I skate, snowboard, and ski
      I hate people that say yolo and swag... .-.
      I also hate the populars that are all b*tchy and s*it...
      BUT! I love all other people!
      I am a MAJOR spaz!!!
      I am a trained Ninja Assasin...
      I love to make all people smile and laugh!
      Favorite bands: Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Bon Jovi, Breaking Benjamin, Journey, Metallica, The Eagles, and AreoSmith... xD
      Its a bunny!
                     / *_)
          /            /
       _/    |  | |  |
      /__.-|_| |_|
      RAWR! That means I Love You in DINOSAUR!!!
      <><  <><  <><  c3
      fishies! and one fat one! :)
      I made you a waffle:
      But then I was like, Im mad:
      So I threw it at you:
      (>^_^)>                 ==#             \(*o*)/
      It hit your face:
      (+_+)                                       < #_*)>
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    Parker, Colorado
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    3 years ago

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