Name Chloe
Location In An Igloo With Justin Bieber(:
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Im not the most fascinating person in the world. My room can't stay clean for more that a day, my hair doesnt go the way i want it to and I'm addicted to Iced Tea
I'm constantly drugged on air && I'm a ninja in training(;
I'm easily offended
I Like COD(:

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Notice Me
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She's Bad News
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The Kissing Booth [Sample;...
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I Fake That Smile! ( Book one....
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the whole baby thing - yeah I kinda wanted to cry :( awwwww!
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CHAPTER 28! HURRRRRRRY! I'm dying here, just waiting for it :(
I Fake That Smile! ( Book o...

Call me crazy, but I spent like 20 minutes bawling my eyes out. Your story is touching! I haven't cried this much in a long time! You are an...
I Fake That Smile! ( Book o...