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In the chapter 'train' I really liked how Dominik described Giovanni. I like how wicked Giovanni is and I really like his character. A lot of...

Honestly... I'm really disappointed on how the kidnapping thing turned out. It felt like it was rushed, ended too fast, and mainly used to just to...
Beta (complete)

@xReilynnx It's alright, but you need be careful about these sort of things and you need to make things clear from the beginning. You need to...
The Mute Mate

You know there are different ways for mute people to communicate. When you said that there was really no way to communicate it makes you sound...
The Mute Mate

I wouldn't forgive Caroline ether. She is such a b*tch. Screw Taylor too, he wouldn't be my best friend ether anymore if I was Eva. Its really...
Revenge Must Go On