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1. There will be no comment-thrashing of other peoples’ work.  We are all here to improve.
2. If you have a problem with your mentor, please bring it directly to me and together we can work it out.
3. Sometimes you might have your mentor switched. This does not indicate that either of you didn’t want to work with the other. Sometimes it’s just good to work with someone new and get a fresh take on things.
4. This is not a read-for-read. Advertising here will not be tolerated. Take it to SYS.
5. Just remember your basic manners, be courteous to everyone, and learn from your mentors.

1. Your mentor is not there simply to be your editor.  Many will help you edit, while others will just tell you to check your work again. Each mentor as a different method of doing things and it’s important for you to learn from them.
2. Mentors are not here to babysit you.  They may give you goals or writing assignments that are aimed at improving your writing. If you choose not to do them it is on you; however, if you continue to blow off your mentor your spot may be given to someone who actually wants to learn.
3. No one is perfect. This includes mentors. If they make a suggestion about your story and you still think your way is better, do it your way. After all, you are the writer and it’s your world that is being created. At a minimum, you should try it their way to see if it does work better.
4. Remember every mentor on here either has their own Wattpad works, or have a publisher to meet deadlines for, or a job, pets, school, family, life, etc.. They do this out of the kindness of their hearts and deserve respect. Throwing a “thank you” their way once in a while is encouraged.

In the near future there will be a list of helpful links to use in your writing.  At the moment we only have the one chat room. Below is the link and pass word.
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Mentor application

Mentor application

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Mentee application

Mentee application

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