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Contrary to not-so-popular belief (homophobic children on Wattpad), not ALL LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) stories are porn filled with tons of sex... My stories DON'T have sex in them, so don't be afraid to read/comment!

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Put this cat on
 /\„,„/\ your profile
( =';'= ) to show
/*♥♥*\ that you are
(.|.|..|.|.) against animal cruelty

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♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀=♥ MATTER

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I DON'T read/write werewolf stories.
I make my own covers.

I have blue eyes
Out and proud Atheist
Queer as Folk addict
Yaoi addict
Music lover
Bad photographer
Bad writer
Cat lover

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Using the word "gay" negatively to describe something one doesn't like is very offensive, and spreads homophobia, because it makes people think that being gay is wrong.

Being gay is NOT wrong. Using "gay" negatively IS wrong.

Think before you speak:

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My story 'Billy Michaels' was published in an anthology, which is available for purchase. The book is called "Resilience", and money from the sale of this book will be used to help fund The Make It Safer Project, which aims to bring LGBT-related books into schools and homeless shelters and into the hands of LGBT kids. Please check it out:

Resilience Facebook page:

The Make It Safer Project:

(I'm not the one who published the book, but the guy who did is very nice).

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The Sand Between Their Bloodied Toes (BoyxBoy)

The Sand Between Their Bloodied Toes (BoyxBoy)

11 parts / 24 pages, updated Oct 08, 2012RVideoPicturesCompleted
2,411 reads votes 121 comments 34
In the Dark (BoyxBoy)

In the Dark (BoyxBoy)

2 pages, updated Sep 06, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
A short story of two men who want nothing more than to be free to love one another. But their feelings are kept at bay out of fear of persecution or death.
586 reads votes 12 comments 7
Only Through the Pain (GirlxGirl)

Only Through the Pain (GirlxGirl)

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Apr 28, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Only through pain can we find happiness.
6,388 reads votes 163 comments 80
Ashleigh Lynne

Ashleigh Lynne

1 page, updated Apr 23, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
349 reads votes 12 comments 11
Undiscovered Paths (GirlxGirl)

Undiscovered Paths (GirlxGirl)

12 parts / 27 pages, updated Mar 12, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
After 16-year-old Arianna's life took a turn for the worse, she believed, even through her positive attitude and outlook, that her life would only get worse. But through self-discovery she found something out about herself she never dreamed would be.
56,024 reads votes 916 comments 108
Pleasurable Death (BoyxBoy & GirlxGirl)

Pleasurable Death (BoyxBoy & GirlxGirl)

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Feb 28, 2012RVideoPictures
1,503 reads votes 17 comments 7
For Love: Jayden's Heart (BoyxBoy)

For Love: Jayden's Heart (BoyxBoy)

3 pages, updated Feb 22, 2012RVideoPictures
925 reads votes 21 comments 9
Taking Chances for Love (BoyxBoy)

Taking Chances for Love (BoyxBoy)

3 pages, updated Feb 17, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
683 reads votes 7 comments 2
Jacob's Letter (BoyxBoy)

Jacob's Letter (BoyxBoy)

1 page, updated Feb 14, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
1,003 reads votes 21 comments 6
Can't Deny the Butterflies

Can't Deny the Butterflies

1 page, updated Feb 13, 2012GPicturesCompleted
647 reads votes 18 comments 5
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