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I am Dan's wife - that's why I am here! I will now be proofreading his work (we have worked in the publishing field together for many years but now we're doing the fiction writing more often instead of what we used to do).
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A Book Of The Lands: The One Who Would Be KingFactual Illusions (Novel)

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I proofed the paperback but it is a Quark Express file, and this was the old one from Word, so I'll proof this as well (hopefully pretty clean)!
A Book Of The Lands: The On...

@ZackDeBono I like all of them - except one and he knows which one that is!
Factual Illusions (Novel)

@ZackDeBono Go do the dishes!
Factual Illusions (Novel)

That part is very new! Good job.
Factual Illusions (Novel)

i have also read ALL of Dan's stories - now I will be proofreading! Lucky me; he types very quickly and messily.
Factual Illusions (Novel)