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I'm a girl, obviously, uhhmmm... what's else? Well, I'm not good at this stuff, but I like reading and writing lol. Uhmm.. I like music, especially Punk/Screamo. Uhhmm.. (I say Uhmm.. a lot (: ) I'm obviously obsessed with Oliver Sykes, (Oli) and he's from Bring Me The Horizon and that's one of my favorite bands, the other is Sleeping With Sirens, I love them, too, and a lot of others that I'm too lazy to list. My favorite color is Blue and I live 20 minutes from Chicago, and I like writing, but I suck at it, so Yupp. Oh, and I'm bi, so yeah.. lol. I'm in lurvv wiff mahh'' besstt friend </33. I cut, BUT I AM NOT SUICIDAL, I LOVE MY LIFE, I JUST GET EMOTIONAL. I like dying mahh'' hurr (:.. Ermm.... Yeaahh.. I am ssoo suckish at this.. :D
~2.18.12 <3~

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