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Jackson Wang is my soul mate.
тнe ѕecreт oғ вeιng a вore ιѕ
тo тell everyтнιng - volтaιre.

M y C h a p t e r s
don't update as q u i c k l y as most because
l i f e t e n d s t o g e t i n t h e w a y ,
(I'm not magician, I'm an artist...
that has school/work)
but enjoy the story and I'll check yours out;
if you ask me.

- x o x o x o

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Description: Danger has been following me long before I could ever truly comprehend it. Once I turn 18, that peril will snatch me quickly like a thief in the night. Any thoughts of entering adulthood, responsibilities, and freedom will be quickly erased by reali...

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Finding Beauty (Believe)

Finding Beauty (Believe)

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A love never fated to be from the past still controls the hearts of the present. The history of the two...



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"The Foxxx" is a sex icon initially made to hunt down her own personal enemies, but Kimberly Kade uses t...

I haven't forgotten about everyone; I currently took on an extra load of work and school.
      Next chapter to come out will be the requested chapter two of "The Foxxx"
MeganFoncannon commented on Dragon Lady - Chapter 1

I know for a fact that there is a bunch of potential in this story, and you have thought through your characters and events that will continue to happen, I'm just not completely enticed; where's the hook? Reel me in, get straight to the good stuff and introduce everyone else later, maybe (: 
      *just a suggestion* if you started the first chapter at the party and Lottie at the party not enjoying it, like you've portrayed her, then continue with what you have planned. People can connect with that characteristic of Lottie's. Also, I'm a bit confused about Alex's POV. Maybe just one POV per chapter? 
      In the end, YOU HAVE TALENT. I could almost see everything you wrote about, and that's awesome! Sometimes we just need to set the foundation when writing a story, like what you showed in this chapter, but be daring with your writing, and exciting! (: 
      I'm not critiquing you or anything, just some friendly suggestions<3 Please continue to write more, I would like to see where you continue with this.