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        тнe ѕecreт oғ вeιng a вore ιѕ 
        тo тell everyтнιng - volтaιre.

  M y   C h a p t e r s 
  don't update as q u i c k l y as most because 
  l i f e  t e n d s  t o   g e t  i n  t h e  w a y ,         
  (I'm not magician, I'm an artist... 
  that has school/work)    
  but enjoy the story and I'll check yours out;               
  if you ask me.
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Description: Danger has been following me long before I could ever truly comprehend it. Once I turn 18, that peril will snatch me quickly like a thief in the night. Any thoughts of entering adulthood, responsibilities, and freedom will be quickly erased by reali...

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Finding Beauty (Believe)

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MeganFoncannon commented on Killing Plants - I: Azalea

It was nice, especially the little input you gave us at the end of the story. It was nice to see you break down a few things for us and tell us why you decided to write this. 

On that note, I did enjoy the story line. I know I feel for the main character when she has to do everything in the house when there are other capable people who live in the house. I did get confused at the mention of Ray (did you mention him before the rain scene? If you did... oppps. ) 

That Nick character... is serious, but I feel like he's the love interest and maybe he'll open up to her and they'll blossom together like flowers (: