Sometimes people are curious, so here's a little about me:

I'm a poetry fanatic.
I spin things for fun (I do color guard).
I'm extremely socially awkward.
I have been writing stories ever since I could hold a pencil.
I have a huge imagination that sometimes runs away from me.


@cljewell - Friend irl, poetry writer, and Paramore/ATL fan

@AnonymusWriter97 - An amazingly talented writer, and amazing person. Check out our co-written story 21 Days: @Rachel_Megan


"We are graduating members from the class of
Fuck off we made it
Not the faded echoes of voices crying out
Names will never hurt me"

-Shane Koyczan "To This Day"

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Amber Rose

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Description: Growing up in a small town in southern Kentucky, Amber Rose was your average seventeen year old girl. In mid-fall a sickness, out of nowhere, began to plague the world. The virus turns all of those infected into the living dead. All it takes is a si...

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Soldier's Quarter (Coming This Winter)

Soldier's Quarter (Coming This Winter)

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It's the civil war, battles are occasionally being fought on people's property. After one battle a solid...

Remember (Zak Bagans Romance)

Remember (Zak Bagans Romance)

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*Because I want this to be a reader oriented story, I want for my readers to give me suggestions in what...

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One Shots (Closed)

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Personal Writings

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Mostly poems or poem like stuff that's influenced by my life

Looking at my profile, I realize I am horrible at keeping up with my stories, my last chapter update to any of my stories was like three months ago. ._. 
So bad at keeping up with things, mostly because of my college classes and color guard.  Speaking of color guard I have drum corps (Professional Marching Band) audition this weekend. So I have to fly out there, but I will write while I fly. So between like four flights I hope I can at least get something done. Wish me luck.
Oh, also I got to go to the college I plan on going to and march with their band, and spin with their guard. After that experience I cannot wait for college.