Well, ok :) Ten facts about ME!
1. I love to read.
2. My passion is drawing anime and manga
3. I love creating stories.
4. I hate anything thats small, crawls, and hairy....Spiders
5. I live in Alabama, -_- ughhh.
6. I'm a die hard Otaku.
7. I'm werid and obsecure.
8. Coffee with french vanilla Addict
9. My dream is to make my manga into an anime before I die.
10. I really need help with procrastinating haha.

OK! I know everyone is in love with I'M A Boxer, She Wears Boxers!
And honestly thank you! without all of your votes and comments I might've forgotten about the whole thing haha. So... I've decided that if you have any ideas or want to talk to me and help with my story and upcoming ones, Just Message me or Comment! :) It'll really get my butt in gear, haha. :)

But Again thank you! Hopefully I'm A Boxer, She Wears Boxers will be in the Top Reads on Wattpad! XD If I don't procrastinate... Tee hee. ^.^

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I'm a Boxer, She Wears Boxers (GirlxGirl)

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Description: Taylor is a boxer in training. She has only one thing on her mind is to bring down Karol, Until Alex comes along. With Alex's past and Karol's cruel intentions will Taylor even survive through the boxing season and love?!

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