You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.  ~Ray Bradbury

So here's a little about me....I can never stick to one hobby and tried more sports than I cared to. The only one that sticks is snowboarding, but that's because you get snow once a year. I have trouble committing myself to a single thing and that's probably the reason my updates aren't consistent, so sorry about that! I'm an avid reader and one of the best authors of all time is Agatha Christie to me. And my simple motivation for writing is that I want to create books that I would want to read myself, which might sound odd, but it makes sense. Kind of. 

Oh and I study law, so if I am never on here, that is because I am drowning in law books & wading through cases. It tends to kill the creative vibe. 
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Alexandra and the Pirates of Bargadan

Social data: 6.8K reads. 126 votes. 50 comments.

Description: When pirates invade her town and start capturing slaves, Alex does the only thing she can think off; pretend to be a BOY. Throw into the mix a volatile Captain Scar who is the head of the most notorious pirates who buys her and a treasure hunt to ob...

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Fame is Poison a.k.a. The One

Fame is Poison a.k.a. The One

7.4K 75 38

Fame is Poison. If you let it rot you enough on the inside, you might have a chance in the limelight. K...

The Beast Within the Beauty (A Werewolf Romance)

The Beast Within the Beauty (A Werewolf Romance)

12.2K 275 30

An Abomination that can't love. A Prince that can't give up. Catherine didn't have much on her mind exce...

Kissing Midnight (One-Shot)

Kissing Midnight (One-Shot)

370 5 2

Jane has the urges to go to her aunt's garden at midnight. Tonight those urges are too strong and she fi...

The Awakening of the Vampire Princess

The Awakening of the Vampire Princess

254K 3.3K 181

This princess is about to find out her powers aren't as harmless as they seen. Amber Young was an outca...

rahz09 posted a message to MaskedAuthor
I really love the story of the awakening of the vampire princess... thanks for writting I'm inspired for writting stories too... I LOVE YOU...
hinata10918 posted a message to MaskedAuthor
Hello! I'm still waiting for the update on Alexandra and the Pirates that you mentioned FOUR WEEKS AGO!!! I'm sorry if I come off as demanding but I REALLY WANT A UPDATE ITS BEEN A YEAR!!!