My name is Mary, I am Latina -and proud- and I love to write, be lazy, help others and decorate.
My best talent is sleeping, and I am horrible in sports.

My top favorite:
place-S. Korea & Japan
group-Little Mix
book: the Gallagher Girl Series
movie-200 Pound Beauty

I do Book Covers [Open]

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>On-going Books:<

Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(BRM) -Massive Editing(Re-writing)

The Chick Code -First chapter may come when it comes.

Playing Rebecca -First chapter is in process(but it's also not)

Fly With Me -First Chapter is up, more coming when school is over.

Books&Dresses -2 up, writing the third. (don't know when it might come)

Friends With Babies -Writers Block! :( [I'm doing everything possible to get back in the game]
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Fly With Me

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Description: “Will you come with me?” I stared at his green eyes, trying to ponder whether this is a good idea, but only falling deeper into his spell. “Yes.”

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The Chick Code

The Chick Code

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139) Chicks are smarter than guys. It's a scientific fact. 104) The father and/or stepfather of a Chick...

Friends With Babies

Friends With Babies

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Ever since I met him I knew we would be the best of friends. Though I must admit, I'm not worthy of his...



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I have an ass for a boss, a nymphomaniac for a best friend, slavery as a job and a man-whore for a mega...

Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(On Massive Re-writing)

Daughter of the Blood Red Moon(On Massive Re-writing)

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“Who are you?” She looked around before staring at me in fear. “I am the daughter of the blood red moon...

Just wrote out each chapter(summary) to know exactly what I'm doing for The Chick Code. Twelve chapters. That's gonna be it. Might take a while as I said on the A/N, also. . . my (T) button on my keyboard is slightly broken. :/ But I like this, and I shall do this map thing for my others stories, and maybe I'll get more out. We'll see....