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Some girls want a prince charming when all I want is a vampire guy in tight jeans,band shirts,tattoos,piercings,long hair, && no job[;
Hi Creeper.(:
The name is Marley. The nickname is Boo. I'm a real outgoing && crazy kinda person once you know me. I'll be one of the sweetest, nicest, craziest, raddest, most mental person you'll ever meet. I'm obsessed with music, vampires, graveyards, blood, && immortality. I don't got a god unless they're immortal. I believe in monsters && the undead. I know very well that someday vampires will rule this world. 
+ Fall Out Boy is my favorite band and always will be. They changed me and I can't be anymore thankful for them because they made me a better person inside and out. They taught me how to love. All 4 of them Andy, Joe, Patrick & Pete ♥ Someone very wise and beautiful had made me realize things about myself I never thought of. That person said I was beautiful, and other things that made me feel really special and it means a lot coming from him especially. It is nice to know that the person cares for me and I care for them myself. I love my friends, family etc. And everyone supporting me/helping me fuel my fire. I have had a handful of put-downs but thats okay because I have people in life that truly matter to me(: ♥
I limit myself on best I only have a rare amount of best friends. I have a lot of good friends && really really good friends but my ultimate best friends would be Yasmine,Adrian, && Katie. These people all have something special in them cause I wouldn't have named them if they didn't. They are some really great people && I'm glad to have them in my life.♥


-Neverending Nights.

-Neverending Nights.

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Dec 02, 2011
A 17 year old girl Fantine, is in love with her immortal boyfriend Alexander. They have been drawn to each other for the longest time without even knowing it. Alexander leaves...And Fantine does not know why.
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Walk Away....

Walk Away....

1 page, updated Oct 08, 2011Completed
Another poem I wrote. After a breakup.
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Acid Rain.<3

Acid Rain.<3

1 page, updated Oct 04, 2011Completed
A poem I wrote.
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@YasmineDrankyobloodM Thanks. :)
-Neverending Nights.

@massacurexx109 Well what's the use of having this shit && not posting?? xD hahaha. Anyway..I wrote this awhile back. Thanks. :)
-Neverending Nights.