I am the author of 'Pray for Fey', 'Love Sings Like the Nightingale' and 'Turning Snowflakes Into Snowdrops'.

I have been writing stories and poetry for many years, but I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I read Winged Pharaoh by Joan Grant in 2001. After being inspired by this beautiful novel, I spent the next ten years researching and writing Pray for Fey and many other stories, including the play Love Sings like the Nightingale, and perfecting my craft as a writer. I was also working as an artist, but I knew writing would also become a major passion in my life.

My latest novel, Turning Snowflakes Into Snowdrops, has recently been published and is now available to buy at amazon, as a paperback or as an ebook. This novel has also been entered for the Amazon 2013 Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

Many thanks to all the wattpad readers and fans who graciously spared the time to read, vote and comment on my work in the past.

Best wishes to you all,

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