Ära eal esinda seda, mida kõik teised mõtlevad, kui see sinu vaatenurgas on vaid hall väärtusetu idee; mõtted väärivad isemoodi käekäiku.

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Sealed Envelope

Sealed Envelope

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I'm no one special, simply a girl with gray eyes and a lair of ideas inside her brain. I write them down...



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Üks õhtu, mil rikuti reegleid, muutis kõik. Üks öö neoontuledes kinkis neile sihi. Kaks teismelis...

The Great Board Of Ideas

The Great Board Of Ideas

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Hey! Kuna mul on sajad/ tuhanded/ miljonid mõtted kogu aeg peas ringi lendlemas, olen otsustanud nad s...

You tease! You're the ruler of cliffhangers! Not nice, by the way, you cruel, cruel human being... Messing with one's heart :(

But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Julian + Dory (they're too amazing to even have words in the dictionary to define their awesomeness!) And Chucky's melodramatics - awww :)

Your characters' are insanely off the hook rad! I love it :) And this story is SO beyond words.

MarisP commented on How About No - kids

You are so spot-on! I can be your cying buddy from now on! 

It's just ... I don't even have words! I can't even... ugh! It's scary to know this is where we've ended up. I have a cousin, who told me two years ago, at the age of THIRTEEN, that she's had NINE boyfriends! Like what? I'm sixteen and I've never had one and am not planning to. I'd rather play Solitaire on my computer and re-read fairytales!

Now that that's said, I'm sorry for ranting on your rant, but I can't help but agree with you to infinity and beyond :)