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Name Makuro
Location Top of ski resort
Member Since Feb 04, 2012
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What do I like: Writing, Reading, Water Skiing, Rock Climbing, Snow Skiing,Snowmobiling. Yeah winter rocks. Summer is pretty good too. Im a robotics engineer. Love math and science. Pretty geeky.
Have the perfect wife, perfect kids. Live in the mountains by the ski resort.
Books I like:
Alex Rider Series (Horowitz)
Twilight (Meyer)
Harry Potter (Rowling)
Tom Clancy
The Black Swan (Taleb)
Outliers (Gladwell)
Artemis Fowl (Coffer)
The Last Apprentice (Can't remeber what it's name is in the United Kingdom.)
Survival of the sickest
Design of every day things

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Just started reading. The title purple eyes is catching. Its what got me to read.
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