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Name Madisyn Winters
Location If I told you that, I'd have to kill you.
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Hey, I'm Madisyn.

I'm a lot of things. Suave, cool and collected are not among those things. HOWEVER, I am

* Awkward.
* Addicted to Lime Chips
* A 1D fan. But try not to confuse me with the screechers. I am not among them.

Fun facts!

* I love to read.
* Mountain Dew is my drug.
* Your love is my drug! Haha, Ke$ha....
* I dance like an idiot when nobodys around. (So throw your hands in the air!)
* I play a lot of instruments. Like the triangle. *ding*
* I'm sarcastic and witty. In my head.
* Music and I are two peas in a pod. All squished up together and happy in our own little world.
* Duck Dynasty is awesome. Period. 
* I like rock and roll music; 80s rock and roll, new rock and roll, punk rock. You name it, I like it. Okay, that's exaggerated, but still I love all kinds of music.
* I am 3/4 Cherokee Indian. I feel like a winner. Absolutely NO sarcasm.

And that's that.

Fan Goals:

[x] 100
[x] 200
[x] 300
[x] 400
[x] 500
[x] 1000
[x] 1500
[] 2000

I'll just stop there because if I actually hit 2000 fans, I'll freak out and just die then and there.


I don't do follow requests. Sorry, but I'm picky with who I follow. I'm the same way on Twitter and Instagram. :)
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║(O) ll ♫you love♫
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The Bookworm

The Bookworm

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Bookworms United Book Club

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Despicable Arrogance One Shot (Winning Entry)

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