I never considered writing a book. I just woke up one day with an idea in my head and though "why not". So here I am writing a book. I intend on this to be a series, for Kyler's adventures to get more and more difficult with each book. I will take criticism, and if you see a mistake made PLEASE tell me about it so I may fix it. Please refrain from nasty comments, I will respect you if you respect me. I hope you enjoy my books. If you have any questions, even if it is about the type of fork I use, feel completely free to ask. 
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Description: Kyler Ace is advanced in many ways for her age, but is still ill prepared for the dangers that await her on her 17th birthday. Secrets are found, alliances are made and enemies are awoken. Join Kyler while she faces an adventure of a life time, whil...

"Uhm, no," I uttered with the most willpower I could muster. No stammering, no desperate eye flickering. My answer was firm and unmistakable, taking even myself by surprise.  
I'm kinda glad she said no. I love ace and all, but she's thinking with her head too. She barely knows him yet. Plus it fits her character