Hey stranger ;)

I'm Madison but you can call me Maddie or Madz ;)
 I'm 15 and from the states where people make out in janitors closet ;)

I had an account but I had to delete it and now I'm back. Guess who is back bitches ;) 

I'm loud, know it all and arrogant. Oh and flirtaaay ;) 
I'm single and straight 
Im girly but I sound tomboyish weird... I know... 
I love sweets, who doesnt? I could live on skittles and donuts. Donuts are my guilty pleasure just like an Americans ;) I'm gonna marry a donut one day... just wait...

I love talking to people and meeting strangers :') 
Online dating? Why not give it a try... 

I have light brown hair and green eyes. I'm thinking of going blonde who knows ;) 

I dance its like my way of living I love it and used to do gymnastics ( I quit ) thou I'm still pretty flexible and I don't know why I'm telling ya this ... 

Well wanna pm me? Go ahead fan and pm, spam my board. Whatever ya want. 

Bye Bye Sexy ;)
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