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HI, We are the Man WHore Squad. We are here to help you. Any problem come to us. This all started as a project but we would like to continue it. 

We are not very attractive so don't think that we wouldn't like to talk to you. We also don't want to date you. Not that your not attractive but because we are not good with commitment. 

We are just five guys: Jake, Sammy, Tristan, Shane, and Zane. We range from 15-17. We are all from different backgrounds (Irish,British,Italian,Greek).

We are here to help you. But we don't want to get in between your drama. We will help you with whatever you need. If you feel down come to us. We want to help.
ok bye :)


The Man Whore Squad :D

The Man Whore Squad :D

4 parts / 1 page, updated Dec 14, 2012PG-13
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How to Tell They're Fake

How to Tell They're Fake

1 page, updated Nov 30, 2012
Fakes... We gonna find you
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@glencocos_girlfriend and we never really asked anyone else's input. Anyways sorry if jake seemed mean
How to Tell They're Fake

@futuremrslochte exactly and I'm trying to help but it pisses me off that some of these twats go against what I say on this. I'm trying to help!...
How to Tell They're Fake

@LuVCheerios yea it's really
The Man Whore Squad :D

@dev_123 yea I know it's just the ones that seem too confident. @xjustoneoftheguys never said everyone who is attractive is fake. Calm your tits.
How to Tell They're Fake

@DyingToBeHeard muchas cosas @StayBeautifulX15 yes haha
The Man Whore Squad :D