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I'm just a 
small town girl 
     livin' in a lonely world . . .
Do you suffer from writer's block? 
My friend  @Erratum has a book/blog he updates every day with writing prompts. You should check it out -- you might find some inspiration. :)
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I really liked this! How much time do you usually spend on your prompts? And voted of course. :)
Writing Prompts & Exercises...

@Erratum I agree with Jen! Do it!
Writing & Editing: A Self-E...

Some of these I wouldn't classify as a dialogue tag, such as 'promised' and the like, but I agree with most of them. :) Other misused tags:...
Writing & Editing: A Self-E...

Thank youuu! You know how much this irks me too. I'll definitely be referring people to this chapter instead of having to explain it all myself...
Writing & Editing: A Self-E...

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