well hi.

I'm really crap at describing myself so
i'll just let you know some basic facts about me.

* i love food, its my best friend
* i love reading obviously 
* i would be dead with out music.
* i love art

k, bye.

love lyd. x
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Lydiiauty commented on Charlie And Chloe - Chapter Four

“You like Charlie.” One of the guys said – he had brown hair that was spiked up with god knows how much gel. His accent was from Yorkshire and given how strong it was mixed with how fast he was...
Us yorkshire people aren't that hard to understand jeez....
Lydiiauty commented on Boot Camp - Chapter Twenty-Three

I take the hoodie slowly from him and slide it on, thankful for the warmth, even though my limbs still feel cold to the bone. He has a tight white henley on and charcoal colored sweatpants, making it...
Did any other english girls automatically cringe at the word Henley and think chav?