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All books are currently undergoing editing for publication. 

Please don't ask to translate any of my books on Wattpad. The answer will always be no, sorry!

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Fruit Slot [Black Hearts Series, Book 1]

Social data: 245K reads. 8.8K votes. 1.4K comments.

Description: When good girl, Eve Parker, wakes up after almost being hit by a car, she remembers one thing only; the face of the man who saved her life. While her town reels from the frightening news of a killer lurking the streets, Eve can't help the temptation...

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Deadly Nightmares [Black Hearts Series, Book 2]

Deadly Nightmares [Black Hearts Series, Book 2]

371K 11.1K 1.4K

When Emily has to return to her home town unexpectedly, she doesn’t expect to be falling head first in...

Dark Hearts [Black Hearts Series, Book 3]

Dark Hearts [Black Hearts Series, Book 3]

2.4K 65 10

After the sudden death of her mother, Chloe becomes lost in life. She has nobody— no family, and not e...

The Wolf Cave

The Wolf Cave

21.6M 282K 53.5K

Layla is about to make a big mistake when she goes to a new nightclub that has just opened in the next t...

#243 in Werewolf #246 in General Fiction
Forever Tainted

Forever Tainted

301K 15K 2.4K

Eighteen year old Elle King has a promising and bright future as a ballerina. Capturing the hearts of ma...

You are my fave writer on Wattpad!!! Hands down His to Keep takes the cake I couldn't I mean seriously couldn't put my phone down for all the candy in the world.
I just want to let you know that The wolf Cave is a great story..... and I freaking loved it...... please don't leave me hanging on What happens with Layla and colton
Kizwizable posted a message to Lydia161290
When the black hearts series comes out I am going to buy every single on of them! I started to read fruit slot when it first came out and i thought it was amazing! You are one of my favorite writers on here and will all ways have my support, unless you become a mass murderer.
Kizzie ;)
Ruben_Cabrera posted a message to Lydia161290
@Lydia161290 hey I'm writing out a story about werewolves and I was hoping that I could use one of your characters from your story The Wolf Cave. Ray Honda. It would help out with my story as I've planned to have a band of turned werewolves (moon walker as you call them) disrupt a local club in Santa Monica California. I'd really appreciate it if I could use him as a character. He won't be a major role just a way to deal with the turned werewolves. If I can I'd really appreciate it.
hi there. but u wont probably see this but i want to praise ur work for driving me insane while reading The Wolf Cave. It was awesome to read it and it was a pleasure to read such a beauty! Goodluck with your career and more power. I hope that someday you'll hold a book signing event. :)
Hey everyone! 

I hope Fruit Slot lovers see this. I'm updating soon, I just hope that you're all aware that it's a first draft, so there will be bumpiness in the chapters and a few plot holes here and there. 

 Just a reminder that this book WILL be getting self-published after I finish the last book of the series (Dark Hearts). Each book of the Black Hearts Series will be taken down for editing.  

I'm writing on here first because I don't want to lose contact with any of you, as I am aware that some of you may not have money. Therefore, you have time to read my books for free before I take them down. 

Also, I'm sorry, but I'm not answering anymore questions regarding The Wolf Cave. I have explained all I need to in an authors note at the end of the book as to what my plans are.