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Don't forget to fan @HopefulHeart ... my bestie who's younger than me... LOL...FYI..I find that strange since I should be friends with girls my age right? Well...the heck with least I have a friend...Do you? Are you sure he/she is a TRUE friend?

About me:

I'm small for my age, making my bestie taller than me :( , and I have a pet cat unlike my bestie who has a dog...btw, it's the only thing I could think about as one of our differences... and of course there's this height shortage I have while she's freakishly tall for a 13 year old... (I suck at this, don't I?)....umm...I like to play ANY instrument....piano (like my bestie ^_^), flute, guitar (acoustic/bass/electric...ANYTHING)....I barely touched my violin, and...well I <3 music :)..I play a few sports (I'm average at everything... just don't count ballet... I keep falling every single time T__T)

Please don't ask me to read your stories on my wall, it annoys me too much....I'll read your story if I randomly come across it, and most of all, I'll read your stories under my FREE WILL...If you're smart, you'll do as I say.

But if you really want me to, PM me...don't post on my wall...I"LL BE HAPPY TO READ YOUR WORKS THEN...only if you read my friend's work too! :)

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