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Late Night Thoughts (Seijuro Akashi Fanfiction)

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Description: My thoughts have fallen in love with the idea of him and so I suffer numerous nights of being awake.

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Most of the time, a famous piece's content or worth doesn't justify the attention it's given with. The creator's connections are a huge factor. Not only that, how he promotes it is also a factor. That's why treasures are to be found and discovered, not simply seen. Same goes for Wattpad and other sites made for sharing one's writings. Not every known story is as good as how it really is and not every person is good enough to realize that.
      I'm not that great. Heck, I'm not even that good. I'm not worth it to be the one posting this, but someone should really say this now because lots of people adore famous stuff because it is famous, not because of its real value.
you are truly amazing. my bff loves Akashi Seijuro. she read the absolute one. it's just mindblowing nanodayo. I don't compliment much but the story should be printed into novels and preserved with gold. great work. brb reading tsundere x yandere. midorima shintaro is love <3
JeimChan posted a message to LureEndsCallIn
@LureEndsCallIn I will not agree with Akashi as his last name. Research it. ^__^ Seijuro is. The reason why most people call him by Seijuro is called respect. (Anime or not, it's still the same.) Look up at Akashi's wiki. When you call japanese people by their first name like Akashi you're basically rude because you didn't ask permission (to call him by Akashi.) but if you do, you can. XD 
      So yeah Akashi Seijuro. Ask your otaku friends if you have to >:3
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You deserve a hug, Author-san. *hugs you tightly* Thank you for making the best akashi fanfic I read so far. I hope I didn't spam you too much but still I can't help it ahahahaha ilysm. Thank you so much xD
      ~ur fen