am a teenage girl who is extremely in love with seijuro akashi, kaneki ken, kei tsukishima, sasori, dane dehaan, daniel radcliffe and anton zaslavski (zedd); besides that, i write stories with typos and grammatical errors

goal: 1k votes per year
[   ] 19k votes before September 2030

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The Healer (Fuuto Asahina Fanfiction)

Social data: 8.2K reads. 370 votes. 86 comments.

Description: As depression courted and loved me with all honesty, I was cheating with another man; a modern narcissus. He was the lover of his sister and I was the lover of my blade. Foolishly, one day, I came to his beloved one and said, "Please don't fall in l...

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Tsundere X Yandere (Shintaro Midorima Fanfiction)

Tsundere X Yandere (Shintaro Midorima Fanfiction)

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He was a tsundere while she was a yandere. He believed in horoscopes and followed fate while she, on the...

Wings of a Crow (Rivaille/Levi Fanfiction)

Wings of a Crow (Rivaille/Levi Fanfiction)

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We all have guardian angels. His has the wings of a crow though.

Otome Programmed Life

Otome Programmed Life

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How good are you when it comes to flirting with your favorite anime characters? Join the game and find o...

I'm Absolute (Seijuro Akashi Fanfiction)

I'm Absolute (Seijuro Akashi Fanfiction)

140K 3.5K 632

I loved him back then, I still love him right now. Forever and ever, his absolute power is my vow.