Lucia Spinwerd has a rather long last name, which she is not very comfortable with. That being said, she considers herself to be an alright if slightly whacky person. If ‘whacky’ can be ‘slightly’ that is.

Having spent an entire childhood in the home country, she moved to UK where she studied through School, College and University. Life offered up many paths, but of all of them she found only these appealing: Creative stuff. Yes it’s rather a generous category, but that is how it stands.

Lucia is currently occupied by that monstrocity called ‘work’, but all she wants to do is to retire with her best friends: pen and paper (although now it’s a lot more computer and keyboard) and can be contacted at lucia.spinwerd@spinwerds.com
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Ash: Shattering Illusions

Social data: 2.8K reads. 73 votes. 73 comments.

Description: Ash is not the kind of faerie that you have ever read about. For one she was born to a family of evil faeries. But one does not choose who they are born to... or do they? One thing is for sure, Ash does not like her life, her place or her family a...

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The Stable Hand's Daughter (Title and cover subject to change)

The Stable Hand's Daughter (Title and cover subject to change)

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Peace is reigning and alliances are forged and protected for the good of all the kingdoms. Wars and stri...

The Crystal Tree

The Crystal Tree

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An apple does not fall far from the tree. Neither do the truths grow on lies. Remember this always.

Make It Happen (Song Based Writing Challenge)

Make It Happen (Song Based Writing Challenge)

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Joshua Zacky is a veteran whose life no longer matters because he had made a mistake which cost the live...



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Freedom. Isn't that all that we want? Living independantly and not having to depend on anyone else but o...

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