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It’s about time I put something in here… Well, the first thing you want to know about me is that I’m a junior in high school who is obsessed with reading in wattpad. I’m in love with chocolates… (I mean who doesn’t, no?). I eat when I’m upset which is why I’m so chubby right now. I love all the cute things in the world… (Yeah, a bit exaggerating there), Johnny Depp (yeah totally love this guy!), anime (self-proclaim otaku here!), art… (Of course), nature… (gotta love mother nature!)and of course the one and only music. Yes, music I know. You always see this in every wattpad users’ ‘about me’ right? Yeah well because the world will be lonely and gloomy without music! So, you gotta love music man! I support all LGBTs in the world!! I’m a random person as you can see in my writings here. Bands I love…well I don’t exactly have a favorite band cause I love all band with good music and has some substance in them… so, yeah in short I love all kinds of music, I love all kinds of bands. My favorite food... seafood curry! For those who hates seafood, sound disgusting, right? But believe me it’s so deli. I hate people who held grudges for other people. I mean it’s not the others fault that your life is like this or that you just got to make something out of your life and think positive about it! You just got to love peace man! Okay I really sound like a hippie now… it’s creepy. Okay I’m rambling now, so, yeah this is all about moi!

Oh I have my story drafts here but I’m afraid no would like it but I’m gathering up my courage and when I have it I’ll post my stories immediately.
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