Hey people of wattpad, i go by the writing name of Berella Absten, or B.Absten, either or.

Now, I will 'grace' you all with some facts about me!

I am a beginner writer, so take it easy yeah?

I am 14, but act way older.

My favorite color is Blue, and my favorite pass time is reading.

I love the rain, but hate being wet.

I have wanted to try out writing ever since I realized books were NOT just 'magically' made.

I love Oreaos and chocolate.(I mean, seriously what girl doesn't?)

I'm a shopaholic but hate being in the mall for more than 3 hours unless I have a really good reason to.

And I'm a silly/funny/boring/everything kinda girl.

Yay! Now you know some about me!

Anyways, if you wanna know more, just DM me... I don't bite ;)

P.S. I am also a weirdo!

I now work at @TALKMagazine so if you may, check it out! :)

Hope you like my stories!

Peace out Nuggets! -B.A
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