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Dream Over Matter(#NaNoWriMo14WINNER)

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Description: Echo Jennings has a disease. This specific disease alters something in her DNA causing her hair to fade into a shiny sliver, her brown eyes switch to a glowing iridescent blue. She dreams to escape her harsh reality of bullies and crazy doctor ap...

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Conjuring Amber(On hold for a tad..)

Conjuring Amber(On hold for a tad..)

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"... Amber Sparks will start a bewitching fire." (Better description coming soon. Sorry!)

Words From My Heart

Words From My Heart

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Cracking Mr. Fake ~*Re-posting April-June 2015*~

Cracking Mr. Fake ~*Re-posting April-June 2015*~

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Hi, I'm Daniella, I am known as 'The People-Cracker'. Why, because I have a extremely weird talent(No I...


Okay, so, I have to take down Dream Over Matter as it is an epic EMBARRASSMENT to ALL my writing. BUT I wanna put up something related to it, kinda like a prequel...? I dunno.

The choice is yours though, as I have two options.
Option 1. I post a short story about Echo and Mason BEFORE the transformation(Rhymin like a Rhymonosorous yo.)
Option 2. I post the story of Echo's mother, Mia, and her adventures into the wondrous mind. BUT this one comes with SLOW updates(Yes I'm aware all my stories have slow updates BUT IM WORKING ON IT I SWEAR)

(Option one might have slow updates too, depending on my busy-life-level) 

Yeah, so there ya have it! I plan on taking D.O.M down sometime this week, and I will start rewriting C.M.F as well. Along with the possible(Very possible) quick updates of C.A.

Oh! Also, do you guys prefer longer chapters of C.A? Or shorter ones? Because shorter means quicker updates and longer means taking LONGER to update so...

Choose wisely my young Nuggets! :* ~B.A.
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Hey guys! So, I AM alive, lol. Sorry I've been offline for a long time, shit's just hit plenty of fans for me lately and I needed the time to recuperate I guess. I have some school work to catch up on, also my eyes are a tad weaker than they used to be, meaning I need reading glasses. Which, btw, I've gotten some, so I WILL be writing VERY soon. I just had to take a break because I need these eyes to work when I'm staring at the computer screen for History class -_-

But yeah, I'm working on a bunch of crazy shiz for you guys(Wherever You Are) and yeah, I think that's all.. but I could just be forgetting something..

OH! I'm gonna be re writing Dream Over Matter. Gonna be rewriting and reposting Cracking Mr. Fake. Hopefully. Also, I am working on a BIG project, that I will be announcing/posting sooner or later. All while writing something new and extremely dear to my cold heart.

anyways, pretty sure I've wasted about 1.5 minutes of your life, so, love you all! See ya soon! :*
Hey guys! SO sorry for my sorta hiatus. Been a busy bee lately, running back and forth between... rooms? lol. Anyways, thought I'd give you lovely chaps an update. 

I changed the name of Tangled In Scar to Conjuring Amber.
I am(Will be) editing the chips outta Dream Over Matter... Probably gonna rewrite it. Yeah... It didn't go the way I wanted so I will definitely be rewriting it.

Cracking Mr. Fake WILL be BACK! Soon, I promise!

Anyways, in other news, I am taking down every chapter except the first(Prologue) of CMF and DOM(Sorry, gotta do what I gotta do.) and continuing CA ASAP, cause I am IN LOVE with those characters/plot/setting and such.

Oh, and if I were to complete and publish any of the books I've posted so far... Which would you want it to be?

Also, there might be a SHORT story coming soon... Maybe... Probably.


Oki, byeeee! Love you all! ~B.A