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 @ninjabuddies - is my shared account.
 @VideoGAmer123 is my epic friend.
 @N_BATMANN She is amazing at writing but doesn't want to write anything because she thinks everyone won't like it!!! :( tell her to!!
 @Swirlingmistsclan I'm  Co-leader to this Role-playing account!! I LOVE IT!!
Adelicia- Fridays (when not on hold)
The Chains- Saturdays
Falling Devil- Sundays
Embers flame - every other Saturday

Sammy here random person

What I love: 

My stepmum
My Stepmum's Guidedog Breeze
My Cat Bella 
My Cat Jasper 
My Stepsisters Puppy Milo 
My Boyfriend Michael
My Mummy
My Stepdaddy 
My Dad 
My baby brother Cody
My Sisters Jo, Kelly and Daniel.

What I dislike:

Being Compared to my older sisters. I'm not as perfect get over it!
Being called a liar
Being Called Samantha. 
Being Bullied
Cheaters and liars

That's me ^-^ please read my stories??? 

All rights reserved. please do not copy any of my works please and if you see anyone doing so please let me know. 

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('')_('') on your profile to help him gain world domination

When you feel your life is crashing down around you, the only thing you can do is clean it up, throw out the rubbish and rebuild it. ~Sumi~

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The Chains: The Links Of Life

The Chains: The Links Of Life

7 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 13, 2013PG-13
Book One of The Chains. The Links Of Life. We were brought up to kill, we were part of the weapons. Now we're wanted, hunted, killed off. Arrow, Shuriken, Cha... read more
657 reads votes 141 comments 130
Falling Devil *On hold*

Falling Devil *On hold*

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 30, 2013PGVideoPictures
529 reads votes 81 comments 142
Adelicia *On Hold*

Adelicia *On Hold*

1 page, updated Sep 15, 2012PG
218 reads votes 20 comments 24
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to my true friendSilver {BoyxBoy & FIN}A Life Of Luscious LiesThis is for you my brother.

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