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Hey my name's Alicia you can call me any nickname of it as long as you can at least pronounce my real name correctly in your head (Uh-lease-ee-uh) =]

Um, I'm a GIRL! ;

I'm obsessed with all things supernatural-like. ;

I'm obsessed with boys(who isn't). ;

I can speak English, Spanish, and French, all very fluently. ;

I tend to stay up wayy later than I should. ;

I adore good fiction!

I like alot of things and really easy going, and I love to shimmy my butt to good songs :3



1. Bc every good-looking guy is a jerk
2. Every nice guy isn't good-looking
3. Every nice AND good-looking guy is taken
4. Every nice, good-looking, single guy is broke
5. Every nice, good-looking, single, rich guy is a cheater
6. Every nice, good-looking, single, rich, non-cheater guy is gay
7. Every nice, good-looking, single, rich, non-cheater, straight guy isn't interested in us
8. Every nice, good-looking, single, rich, non-cheater, straight guy who does have interest in us... has kids and is divorced.


<3 L-SUN!

2/27/2012 = Unwanted hit #1 on Other List
3/9/2012 = I broke the 400 vote marker with 405 votes! :D
4/7/2012 = 115 fans! (I have no clue exactly when I hit 100 lol)
5/3/2012 @ 12:30 am= Unwanted hit #13 on Watty Awards List and # 18 on Other List!
5/3/2012 @4:47pm= Unwanted hit #8 on Watty Awards! AH!
10/26/2013= Unwanted surpassed the 200,000 reads marker! WOOHOO!




12 parts / 61 pages, updated Feb 18, 2014PG-13Video
He kissed me hard then and I screamed into his kiss as my eyes welled with tears of pain that I had never before felt. The rest of the night passed by in a, slight, haze, but I r... read more
254,183 reads votes 5,132 comments 472
Now That I Know The Truth, You're Not Real

Now That I Know The Truth, You're Not Real

17 parts / 49 pages, updated Apr 21, 2012PG-13Video
Kitana is a recent high school graduate with ex-boyfriend problems. She has a plan, though; after the summer ends she will move away for college... read more
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Lovely_Sunshine's Reading ListWill get toSounds good!new Reading list!

Alpha's Baby.(Being Edited)
2,670,788 reads

Unexpected Mates (slowly being...
2,732,279 reads

The Alpha King
1,487,549 reads

Never Have I Ever
17,886,062 reads

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