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• Idon't write much but i have a pretty good imagination :) actually kinda of a fucked up imagination..enjoy 

• I do write to please myself, but I do like the way you guys are reacting to my books..Means alot <3

• I write books about EVERYTHING so don't get all offended or disgusted and blab to me about's truly annoying, I gave you plenty of warnings about my books and yet you still manage to comment somthing rude and gave 2 seconds out of your time to read it.  

• Some of you couldn't read growing up with the taylor brothers so I made a "Copy Of The Origanal" so the people who couldn't get to it can get to it now :) 
• If you can't read a private chapter :

 "When you get to a chapter that is Private or does not show up go back to My profile click on the book You're reading and click on the table of contents and the privet chapter should show up but u have to repeat this process every time u want to get to a privet chapter." *YOU HAVE TO BE A FAN*


-Trailer for 'Growing Up With The Taylor Brothers'
-Trailer for "Theres No Need To Be Ashamed"

-My Website  

-Twiter for my books   
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @HaleyDea15 she is an amazing writer ♡ she did "There's no need to be ashamed" trailer :)
 @MoonLightHaven Has done every one of my book Covers, shes amazing 

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There's No Need To Be Ashamed (boyxboy)

There's No Need To Be Ashamed (boyxboy)

7 parts / 11 pages, updated Apr 08, 2013PG-13Video
He's everywhere, in my dreams, my home. Its hard to fall in love with someone, and its harder to fall in love with the bruises that per... read more
4,436 reads votes 207 comments 41
Eyes of A Devil (Sequel To GUWTTB)-Short Story

Eyes of A Devil (Sequel To GUWTTB)-Short Story

7 parts / 9 pages, updated Mar 19, 2013RCompleted
"Looking at your Uncle that way is not Christian like, Alli." Mason said slowly. I wasn't." I said uneasily. He walked slowly ... read more
18,673 reads votes 501 comments 139
Growing Up With The Taylor Brothers (copy of the origanal)

Growing Up With The Taylor Brothers (copy of the origanal)

34 parts / 58 pages, updated Feb 27, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
Some people can't read the origanal "Growing Up With The Taylor Brothers" so this is the same story without Wattpad fucking every... read more
154,131 reads votes 2,636 comments 99
Forbidden Love, My New Family (BrotherxSister) Book 2.

Forbidden Love, My New Family (BrotherxSister) Book 2.

10 parts / 18 pages, updated Nov 02, 2012R
"I made a promise to you three years ago Brooke, I i promised you i wouldent break it." My heart he?? The sun was j... read more
42,331 reads votes 715 comments 105
Forbidden Love, My Own Flesh And Blood. (BrotherxSister) Book 1.

Forbidden Love, My Own Flesh And Blood. (BrotherxSister) Book 1.

14 parts / 25 pages, updated Oct 04, 2012RCompleted
Brooklyn Freeman and her older brother Julian found love long ago when they lost their loving mother and had to live with their abusive father, but t... read more
173,417 reads votes 2,433 comments 233
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I love how he always adds Mindy in his thoughts its adorable and loving this chapter, but hope he dosnt cut again, there really wouldn't be any...
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take all the time you need! I'm in love with this book. I bet Jess is up to something yeah? I hope he gets to tell them hes gay. anyway love you .x
Slanderous Scheme (BoyxBoyx...

I'm in love with all your stories. This one is brilliant!
Slanderous Scheme (BoyxBoyx...

omg I bet its the dad I'm so excited he's alright!! I love how the brothers are so close it just brings a worm feeling to my heart. its times like...
Thirteen Part Two (BoyxBoy+)

@Maisha1234 I'm thinkng about updating in a minute :)
Forbidden Love, My New Fami...

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