A Broken Heart Is Like A Broken Mirror, It's Better To Leave It Broken Than Hurt Yourself Trying To Fix It <|3
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Nasima (na-see-ma)
 ^ That's My Awesome Name , Be Jelly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

~ I'm Random & Weird : Spongebob & Patrick Got Your Mom Prego ^-^
- Music Is My Life ; Singer & Songwriter <3 ‎
- iLOVE Nutella ∞
- iLove Photography'  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- Flirt ; )
- iHate When Someone Says Y.O.L.O. -.- You Thought You Lived More Than Once ? You're Not A Kitty Cat ( Haha That's Funny To Say ) =p
- Belieber & Lovatic ∞
- Living The A Crazy Life With Weirdos, Also Known As My Best Friends :D

~ If You Have Ever Taken A Blade To That Beautiful Body Of Yours, Skipped A Meal At Least Once On Purpose, Cried Yourself To Sleep Because You Weren't Good Enough, Tried Any Form Of Self-Harm, Or Thought Of/Attempted To Take Your Own Life, Repost This ; Lets See How Many Of Us There Are .. ~

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