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Alright so I'm gonna leave this short and sweet cause I really find it hard to talk about myself ^.^

I love reading.....and writing but i'm definitely not the long lost Brontë sister (but I try anyways haha)
I also love sports, the beach, kombi vans and polaroid cameras! Anything really I'm sort of laid back
Australia is the definition of multicultural haha I'm Australian but like everyone over here I'm actually a mix of other nationalities. I'm part Maori, Samoan, German, Chinese, English and Dutch! 
I love anything with a chilled reggae feel cause it just reminds me of the beach and makes me feel free; in the hippie-ist way possible...just without the drugs ^.^ haha hugs not drugs guys!

Before you ask; YES I am a little bit crazy so please don't get offended by anything I say or creeped out because I mean everything from the heart! Umm I'm always looking for new stories so PLEASE just let me know if you've written something good.

As I mentioned I'm not too good at talking about myself and sounding like a sane human being haha so please feel free to send me a message about anything at all so we can talk <3 <3 <3

***Where I'm at***
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The Mafia's Princess

The Mafia's Princess

25 parts / 93 pages, updated Mar 31, 2014PG-13
***EDITING*** How can everything be so utterly and irreplacebly be destroyed in a single moment? How in a month, is everything gone and I'm in another country trying ... read more
51,173 reads votes 505 comments 65
'Pack'ed Together

'Pack'ed Together

24 parts / 58 pages, updated Nov 10, 2013PG-13
Emiri or Emi is a pretty sparky person and guards her best friend closely. However she doesn't realise that she is closely tied to what is threatening her friendship and her humanity.
15,306 reads votes 181 comments 50
Loathe at First Sight

Loathe at First Sight

16 parts / 57 pages, updated Nov 10, 2013PG
"It's not complicated, it's just a marriage for convenience" Eden Marelli, flies under the radar at school and unknown to her peers, is insanely wealthy.... read more
8,309 reads votes 155 comments 57
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