"People congratulate me. I just tell them God is good." -- J Cole

I live by that quote, and I hope I always will. It demonstrates a humbling attitude, and I try to keep that in mind every step of this crazy journey of success that I have been lucky enough to embark on.

Now me? You want to know about moi? I don't have much about myself that I would be willing to put on the internet, but I'll give it a try.

I'm a girl who writes, and writes from the heart. Everything and anything I write has a piece of me and a piece of my soul poured into it. Aside from that, I'm a regular (LOL jk) teenage girl that enjoys shoe shopping, cheesecake, and fangirling.

And my favorite thing about this world is: Hopes and dreams and aspirations are not fulfilled on the basis of what religion you are or the color of your skin, but on the basis of what's in your heart.

What else, what else? OH! OH! If you have any questions and want to stay anonymous or you don't have a Wattpad/Twitter/Tumblr account, you can ask me on


Twitter: @SimplyAaisha
Tumblr: @SimplyAaisha

PO Box!
No. 954136
Lake Mary, Florida, 32795

If you want to talk, just message me. I don't bite. I'd love to talk to you, no matter who or what you are.

Last thing: Live beautifully, celebrate regularly, reflect constantly, and of course...love unconditionally. ♥

Have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness and laughter and cupcakes and all the lovely things in this worldddd,
Ash ♥
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Salaam, everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Eid. Allhamdulillah mine was great!

I have noticed that Eid is over a pretty wide range this year so I want to extend that postcard giveaway thing a few days. Get in your entries by Wednesday (see previous message for details)!

Have a great Eid,
I'm starting to overcome some of my problems like trying to fit in at my old school but that's just about it. I keep trying to optimistic about things and not be a pessimist who only looks at the negative side. I guess everyone has their own way of getting over stuff and I'm just trying to get through this period in mg life.
Salamualaikum one of my main and probably the most hardest thing I had to endure was... depression. Yes, I was depressed for quite a while now, I've  just been really good at hiding it. I had ever since my dad left 10 months ago. For those 10 months I only had one parent to rely on for everything, for money, clothing and everything I possibly needed. I felt like there was some stuff that I could talk about to my dad rather than my mom. My dad and I had a strong bond and when I had something on my mind I'd always go to him, at those times I felt lost. What I really regret most is that when he was leaving he said he'd only be gone for 2 months or less so all I gave him was a hug. Had I known he'd be gone this long I would've spent more time with him. I've only talked to him 7 times throughout the 10 months and I just feel like a bad daughter for that. Also my family and I moved to a rich new neighborhood, everyone at my new school is super smart and I have to live up to my families expectations which is a lot for one person to handle. Sometimes I'd just lock my door and stay in there for a while. Everyone thinks I'm drifting away and that this is just a stage. They think I'm being a hormonal teenage girl who has attitude problems. Every time I even try to open up and tell them, they'd shut me off and tell me I'm exaggerating. Sometimes it's just too much for me to handle. I guess I just need some words of encouragement.
Salamalakum, Aisha this is my first post on WattPad and your books are amazing by the way :) My problem well I have boy trouble and parents are so strict! All I am asking for is freedom and to be who I want to be. I also want to be a model and anything else in entertainment industry. I am currently a photographer and trying to make my business and inshallah working to make my dream ! A quote of inspiration  would be never give up and know that dreams can be made ! 

P.S. eveyone search Arooba Najaf Photography will be amazing to work with great people and to know everyone
salaams ash. firstly taqabalallahu  minhu wa minkum 
....sincerely if you wanna talk about problems. well i have had loads but the main problem i had this year was at sch. 
 well... it started out when i befriended a new guy in our sch, i really don't know how to describe it but  lets just say we had a one-person relationship(pls don't judge me here.... i mean the kind of friendship where trust is not reciprocated) and some girl possibly because she was jealous of our "relationship" (note the quote here...i mean she thought we were dating...Ya Allah) told him i lie about me hating him...stuff like that. well all in all he believed her downright without asking me to confirm.....i mean what kind of friend does that. Then he told all his friends then i started getting bullied in school.
well enough description m sure you get what m saying....or at least you have an idea of what i am saying...
.....anyways unto the solution....i met with a teacher of mine who told me to try to speak to him and sort things out.....i tried but it just did not work cos he snubbed a lot. well after weeks of being bullied. He came to me and apologized... well to be frank a part of me  didn't want to accept the apology but at least if Allah can 4give us all our sins then who am i not to 4give. so after a lot of thinking, i accepted the apology but broke up our relationship...(rather harsh rite)
 well since then we've being having "salaams...sup" kinda relationship. i have to admit though that losing a good friend is painful but all in all i have gotten over it and i know how to stand on my feet to bullies and earn my respect.
Whoa Ash i know what you are thinking...."WHOA THAT IS ONE LONG STORY" ;)
yeah i know m not so good in summarizing. but i hope this will help y'all that will read this a lot...
Hey, y'all, salaam! An early Eid mubarak to you! IT'S PRESENT TIME. (But first, an update lol)

(I'm about to enter a three hour writing mode (BWL comes first, COAMG next) because I'm on a bus on the way home for Eid.)

So I just got an idea for a contest/giveaway/fun thing that I think y'all will like!

I don't know about you guys but I love getting postcards and I'd like to send one out to one of you guys kinda as an Eid present. :) It'll be coming from Miami (hottest city on Earth, amirite?) and trust me, it'll be hella cool with a message in my ratchet handwriting and all ;)

All you have to do to enter the fun is comment on this message thread and tell me about a problem/adversity you had this year, how you overcame is, and how life is going for you right now. Whether it was a personal issue, a school issue, or just something else in your life, comment below, spread the positivity, inspire and be inspired!

I will have a very difficult time choosing one out of the others that speak to me because I know anything that comes from the heart will reach the heart but I'm willing to attempt lol. Keep in mind that if you're selected you'd have to private message me your address and if you ain't about that life, you've been forewarned.

I'll choose a story by the end of the weekend insha'Allah! Now comment, comment, comment!
You should really consider publishing this as a hard-copy book, it's beyond Amazing :') 
I hope that one day, I'll be able to write as effectively as you do!! :)