I remember the day you left.
Tying rocks to your ankles,
you said,
"I'm going to find a new world,
under the ocean."

I guess you must be enjoying
I haven't seen you since.

~Elisabeth Pfeffer~

"Love your Life, 
Because your Life 
is all you have to give." 
[Tom Hiddleston]

Age: 17

Country: USA

Activities: Swimming, Writing, Reading, Fangirling

Music: Alternate Rock, Classical, Pop... BASICALLY ANYTHING OTHER THAN COUNTRY

Colors: Black, Green, Purple, Red, Gold

Books: The Book Thief, This Star Wont Go Out, The Fault In Our Stars, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, Perks of Being a Wall Flower, etc.

Teli: Kitchen Nightmares, Catfish: The TV Show, Say Yes to the Dress, Drake & Josh, etc. 

Twitter: NickyAmberJones

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____I'M A GOD____
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A "Secret" S.H.I.E.L.D. Software [Sequel to "The Avengers In a Chat Room"]

Social data: 225K reads. 4.8K votes. 2K comments.

Description: After Loki put a virus into the Chat room everyone was using, the Avengers need to find something else to do without dying of boredum. It did not work, So Tony made a Chat Software that would only be available to people who have some kind of S.H.I.E...

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