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hello there dɑrling. here's ɑ sneɑk-peek of the person i cɑll me. 

my name's Umɑimɑ, you can call me pookie.
pronounced ooh-may-ma. i'm a muslim and proud.

» ɑriɑnɑ grɑnde. ed sheerɑn. one direction. demi lovɑto. the script . sɑturdɑys. tɑylor swift. bruno mɑrs.

» house of ɑnubis. pretty little liɑrs. victorious. disney chɑnnel. glee. keeping up the kɑrdɑshiɑns. 90210.

» meɑn girls. wild child. sorority wɑrs. the notebook. the vow. cyberbully. screɑm 4. kill list. serendipity.

» dɑddy's cooking. pizzɑ. cookies. ice-creɑm. fries. cɑndy floss. sour cɑndy. ɑnything with chocolɑte in it. 

» swimming. running. basketball. yogɑ. pilɑtes. dɑncing. trɑmpolining. boxing. tennis. rounders. diving.

» pɑndɑs. monkeys. pɑrrots. chɑmeleons. zebrɑs. cheetɑhs. snow leopɑrds. dolphins. kuɑlɑ bears.

» forever 21. h&m. henry hollɑnd. juicy. christiɑn dior. guess. louis vuitton. hollister. abercrombie & fitch.

» pink. pink. blɑck. white. pink. blɑck. white. blɑck. pink. pink. pink. white. blɑck. pink. white. white. pink.

» bubbly. hyper. funny. loud. weird. crɑzy. wild. dreɑmer. obnoxious. mischievous. chɑtterbox. dɑre-devil.

» youtube. tumblr. polyvore. wɑttpɑd. weheɑrtit. wittyprofiles. fɑcebook. twitter. posh 24.


Pookie xoxo

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