Hello I'm Sarah!
I believe in doing what you love and using it to inspire and give hope to others. 
I started this account about 3 years ago looking to share my imagination and I hope I can continue to do that.
I'm 17 and even though I'm still a teenager I try to use my writing and my art for a reason and to give people enjoyment :)

A few facts about me: I'm 5'11, I am an artist, and I love to share my work on Instagram @sarahmelissaart. I am a Gryffindor according to Pottermore and I feel that would be true if Hogwarts was real. I have an unhealthy love for Daryl Dixon and I can't control it. 
 I would love to meet you all and chat so please message me or leave me a comment on one of my stories!   

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He's That Summer Breeze

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Description: Tears started welling up in my eyes, I could no longer hold them back. Trying to be strong now was useless, I realized that shown my tears didn't make me weak it just said that I've been strong for too long. I couldn't stay strong the way he's holdi...

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Her Favorite Month is August

Her Favorite Month is August

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When love says "Hello", what do you say back?

I don't know if this is worth anything, but I want to thank you for writing about my two favorite characters falling in love even though the show did not decide to take that route. Finding your Fanfiction made my day and I was so happy that you made it exciting and filled with raw emotion that would bring me to tears at times. Thank you for commenting back to some of my lame comments, it put a smile on my face. I totally understand how you're feeling with the not having a desire to write because of lack of support and comments... Trust me I deal with that all the time. Just wanted to say I love your story and the characters you've created to make it more vibrant and real. You're an amazing writer and you create the greatest plot twists. Thanks again for giving us unsatisfied Walking Dead fans something to sink our teeth into.