Age: 17
Fandoms: Waaaaay too many, so I shan't list them on here!

Okay, so there is waaaay too many awful stories I've written on here when I was younger, so I'm going through and editing them, starting with Fail Llamas. I was a crazy 13-14 year old when I started Wattpad, and so there is a lot of bad, terrifying and outright insane works on here. I've grown up a lot now, and there are a lot of things I regret on here. I don't love llamas now, not like I used to, however I won't change my Wattpad name, I've been LlamaCat for over three years now, that isn't changing anytime soon. 

People I should mention: 

@MentalLlamaThing - she's been my best friend for a few years now, though I'm not sure if he considers u best friends anymore because of constant falling outs this year, but I still see her as my best friend, she was my writing buddy when we were both insane, and have gotten into many near death experiences. 
@secret_ninja - my first writing friend, and also the first author on here I really fangirled about, I still fangirl over her :P
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Description: Hayley Sphinx came home for the holidays to find her family murdered. Devastated she flees to her Aunt and Uncle's house in England. Gone is the shy, sweet, quiet, academic based Hayley, and instead she becomes the person she always envied. She chan...

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I have a whole story mapped out in  my head, but like the staircases in Hogwarts it keeps changing, and most of the time I don't have anything to write on, and yeah :/ I'll get there one day. There used to be about ten chapters of this, but wattpad just deleted them one day and yeah, haven't been able to rewrite them since