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☯ hobbies - reading, writing, go places, being around my friends, traveling shopping and getting my hair done!

☯ music taste - frank ocean, iggy azalea, azealia banks, machine gun kelly, august alsina, kendrick lamar, erykah badu, tupac, asap rocky, katie got bandz, drill music

☯ my favorite things/places - malls, home, schools, drama-hood films [boys n' the hood, menace II society, all the old hood classics] writing, poetry, photos, forever 21, instagram, going places with my friends, entertaining people, milkshakes, churros, pizza & funnel cakes.

✺ fwm - instagram; yagirloliveee kik; channellivy facebook; icon up there | anything else just ask or hmu by my inbox!

❂ stories to look out for;

sequel to trap queen (although it's not finished) ; "trap pharaoh." [posting excerpts & previews and stuff later]

THERE IS NO SEQUEL & WILL BE NO SEQUEL TO "NEVER EVER" so many people ask me that, bruh. 

a new story coming soon! [not giving details yet, haha]

trap queen may be coming to a bookstore near you. i'm not self-publishing this time, tho. from a real publishing company!* ❂
^ after promised stories listed above, i may not be on wattpad much anymore.


Trap Queen.

Trap Queen.

Random #6 / Teen Fiction #57
28 parts / 42 pages, updated Jul 19, 2014PG-13
Compton changed everything. In Riverdale, I used to be able to walk outside at night without having to worry about anything happening to me. I could walk outside i... read more
563,276 reads votes 14,139 comments 1,695
City of Syn

City of Syn

Random #604
4 parts / 6 pages, updated Jul 03, 2014PG
Syndra Leone is one of the "best" strippers in Las Vegas—every night she leaves with close to 20,000 dollars in her pockets, and she's got everybody and they momma ... read more
20,946 reads votes 584 comments 54
Never Ever

Never Ever

21 parts / 31 pages, updated Feb 06, 2014PG-13VideoCompleted
❝Date a black guy? Ha! Never in a million years. I, Amethyst Amelia Kelly will never, ever date anyone black.❞
170,030 reads votes 4,258 comments 743
Catfish: Featuring Rayan [Episode Three]

Catfish: Featuring Rayan [Episode Three]

7 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 08, 2013PGCompleted
Alani never fit in at school. She is confused about her sexuality, making her even more a misfit. When she has nowhere else to turn, to she relies o... read more
54,481 reads votes 1,844 comments 520
Catfish: Featuring Chresanto [Episode Two]

Catfish: Featuring Chresanto [Episode Two]

9 parts / 10 pages, updated Jul 29, 2013PGCompleted
Lola is twenty-six-years-old, with a good paying job and her head on straight. The only thing Lola doesn't have is a boyfriend that will treat her ... read more
93,199 reads votes 2,904 comments 677
Catfish: Featuring Craig [Episode One]

Catfish: Featuring Craig [Episode One]

14 parts / 14 pages, updated Jul 16, 2013PGCompleted
All Triniti wanted was a real relationship, and she'd do anything to find one. *[Episode One]*
144,684 reads votes 4,027 comments 1,637
Diary of a Mindless GUY

Diary of a Mindless GUY

16 parts / 15 pages, updated Jul 04, 2013PG-13Completed
[one of my first stories. beware.] Cameron is in love with a popular boy-band, Mindless Behavior. It's all normal, right? The only thing that makes Cameron differ... read more
47,278 reads votes 1,031 comments 239
Three Sides of Every Story

Three Sides of Every Story

22 parts / 28 pages, updated May 06, 2013PGCompleted
[one of my first stories. beware.] Aimeé — In French, Aimeé means 'loved'. Love is what I thought I had when I had met Jacob. He was seemingly-charming, romant... read more
92,721 reads votes 1,275 comments 380
I Met Them On Wattpad ❤

I Met Them On Wattpad ❤

20 parts / 25 pages, updated Apr 01, 2013PG-13Completed
[under editing] Brooklyn has always had a passion for writing, and making fan-fictions her specialty. When she gets turned on to a new website called Watt... read more
102,620 reads votes 1,891 comments 484
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you talking about "dumb story" but you have exactly 3 followers & no story. . . aight
Trap Queen.

lol thank you. mindless behavior used to be a boyband I liked, and ray ray was one of the members.
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