Hi guys, my name is Claire.  This wasn't always my account.  In fact, none of these works are mine.  They're the amazing products of my best friend, Sienna (Sadie) Ashlynn Byrne, the original owner of this account.  Sadie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June of 2012, and while she struggled and battled against the cancer with every ounce of strength she had, she passed away on October 2, 2012.  I keep this account running for her in loving memory of her and how amazing she and her works were and will continue to be.  I hope she's looking down on us all right now, safe and happy, and that she's proud of just how much she accomplished.  Below, I've kept pieces of her original autobiography of this account, in memory of her.  
      ~"Memories will preserve a life as well as a beating heart may."~
      R.I.P. Sadie <3 We'll always remember.
      Hey gumdrops!  I'm Sadie (short for Sienna), but sometimes people call me Sia, because I sing and somehow my friends think it's clever -_-
      I LOVE writing.  Like with a passion.  But hey, that's why we're all here, right?  
      I was born in Galway, Ireland but moved to Leicester, England when I was thirteen, and people here still joke about my Irish accent :P
      I love talkin with fellow Brits ;) so don't be shy!
      I love singing and playing guitar <3
      I'm prouda my green eyes!  Irish heritage all the way!
      ~I'm here fighting cancer forever and ever! We can beat it together <3~
      I love you guys and every single other of my wonderful fans ^_^ You're always so incredibly supportive and kind!  Thank you, my Gumdrops!
       ///-\\\    Please post this 
       |||- |||   If you or or someone
       |||--|||   You know is
       |||--|||   Fighting the 
       \\\-///    Everlasting
        \\///     Battle Against
         ///\     Cancer <3
      ~Original Profile biography from Sadie Byrne <3 Here to stay
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Reverie ~ The Memoir of Sienna Byrne

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MayaEzzeddine posted a message to Livvi57
Oh my god I'm soooo sorry for you lost. Don't be sad I'm sure she is in a better place, and I'm sure she was an amazing person and Ofcourse an amazing writer.get better soon. RIP Sadie 
LexiLooHoo26 posted a message to Livvi57
R.I.P Sadie!! You were an amazing writer!! 
      Claire, you are an amazing friend to keep up with sadies books! I bet every time you post a new chapter to one she is looking down and smiling at you and thing how she was lucky to have met you both of you guys are very inspirational❤️
Hello darlings <3
      It's been awhile since I've spoken with you, and I'm truly sorry about that.  Your comments and messages still make me smile every day<3
      I write to you now because I have an idea that I'd like you all to be a part of, if you want :)
      A lot of you have been asking about one of Sadie's works, "If You Catch Me," a Louis Fic.  Unfortunately, Sadie did not finish this work before she passed away, and she never wrote more than the eleven chapters that are currently published.  Because so many of you seemed to like this story and wanted to see more of it, and because Sadie was so inspired by her readers, I thought that perhaps you could finish the story for her.
      The way this would work is, whoever is interested would write the next chapter of the story and submit it to me (either by email or Wattpad Message, whichever you prefer) and I would select the chapter to be published - with full credit to the author, of course, as well as a shout-out and announcement on my message board, Then, once that chapter was posted, you'd write the next chapter to add on to the last, and submit that for selecting.  It would be like the game where one begins "Once upon a time...." And the next person continues with a sentence of their own, and the next person, and so on and so forth, until a story has been created and finished.  
      It doesn't feel right to leave her work hanging by a loose thread.  It would be an amazing thing to finish Sadie's story together in memory, to have multiple authors be a part of it, as well as a great opportunity to be recognised on Wattpad.  If this is something you'd be interested in, read through "If You Catch Me" (linked here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1411332-if-you-catch-me) and write your own Chapter 12 to add on to the story :) Then, either copy and paste the chapter into my private messages or send me a message asking for my email :) 
      Get writing!<3
      Love, Claire xxxxxx