Hello! Hola! Salve! Ciao! Bonjour! Selma! Hejaz! Goedendag! Guten Tag! Aloha!

-I am 17 years young (almost 18!)
-I am 5 ft small (don't hate on my shortness :P)
-I take dance, kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and I am in Choir. 
-Cant't swim at all! I drown in 2 ft deep water "SAVE ME" >.<
-I am Cuban, was actually born there
-I am speak Spanish, English, and learning Latin and French
-I don't like scary movies! :'0
-I am very random and crazy 
-My favorite animal is the Wolf!!!
-When I grow up I want to be an obstetrics/gynecology
-I like meeting new people so MESSAGE ME! :D (Don't be SHY!!!)
-I have no coordination what so ever, even if I am a dancer.
-I LOVE Chocolate!!!
-NO Judgment Here or being MEAN/ RUDE!!!!
If you want to know anything else just PM me or write on my wall <3

 Now for a funny little cartoon!

( '_') 
(> )>o I was going to give you this cookie 

...('_' ) 
o<( <) But then I was like ... 
....U U

.(>o<) IT'S MY COOKIE!!! 
...U U

( '_') 
(> )>o Then I said sharing is caring ...

...('_' ) 
o<( <) But then I was like... 'Sharing is caring ...' But ... 
....U U

.(>o<) I LIKE COOKIES!!! 
...U U

(> <) So then I ate it  
.U U
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