When life give your lemons make orange juice and leave the haters wondering how you did it.

I don't care if he is 30+ years old! Im still calling him my little baby!

Fandoms I will mainly write fanfiction for (hopefully don't fully know yet)
TV Show Fandoms - Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock (aka SuperWhoLock)
Music Fandoms- One Direction and 5SOS

Sorry if I don't update often I'm just really busy :)
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Invincible and Invisible (On Hold)

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Description: My name? Easy, Dani. Last name? Well, I don't like to tell people but its Harkness. Yes, my name is Dani Harkness. My father is Jack Harkness ,or as he would rather be called, Captain Jack Harkness. My mother? I have no idea. Lets just say that for...