Hi, I am LittleSheWolf and I am 18.

Picture is actually me, shocking I know  - i'm a real life human and potentially dodgy strangers from the internet can see me - meh, this doth not bother moi

I love reading, it's my escape from the rest of my life and often when I don't have a book in hand I'll have one in my head (that I am writing as well) which is both useful and inconvenient when in lessons at the same time. I wish there were more decent books in the world.

People terrify me for the most part, I have felt like something of a weirdo for most of my life and when I do feel close and trust a person I won't break that bond, I don't see how to, and seems entirely illogical to do so and impossible to change feelings - I honestly don't understand it and I guess I need to find someone/ some more people who feel the same way as me. 

I've been told by numerous people that i'm kind, lovely, nice and finally by my bestest friend in the whole world "too nice"... Basically I let people trample all over me sometimes, and maybe accept things that I shouldn't ... I just don't like conflict.

Finally, I also am a dog agility fanatic and intend to become world champion one day - I'm working damned hard to achieve that too.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All my books are currently on hold - I don't intend for this to be permanent so have some faith in me but I do need to be in the correct mindset to write otherwise the stories would suck and I don't want that

@paramonkey rocks - well it's true


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Description: “I was fully aware that I was trespassing. I was fully aware that I was stealing. I was fully aware of what may happen to me as a consequence of this. Was I scared? No, I was loving it. Maybe that makes me a bit odd considering simply the act of...

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