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I am African and proud.
I love ANIMALS, i don't have any! I'm learning French and Italian! Woo! XD
Mi chiamo LitttleReader, non ho animale. Je m'appelle LittleReader, je n'ai pas animaux.
I love eating chicken! :D I have a few books so check 'em out! Yes I'm a Christian, Jesus loves me and loves all of you too.

PM me for my services and we'll work something out, like rotas and such.
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Teen Me

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Description: Aqua is an emo, eccentric and daring, she goes out with Will - caring, cool. On the other hand, there's Evelyn - perfect church girl who likes Hunter handsome, funny then there's Lex Evelyn's friend always there for her even though she has problems...


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yesss I didn't think there were many Africans on here, let alone Nigerians. and omgg that is hilarious, I know an old woman like that she's always saying to my parents your daughter doesn't greet me and if you don't greet her when you see her she will basically punch you in the leg (because she's that short) and say 'you don't greet me',so I always run away from her whenever I see her I always run away, like full 360 and walk in the other direction.