Directioner since 2011! :D:D Definitely wasn't there at the start but don't you Directionators (EWWW) start with the whole,
'GTFO of this fandom ur not a true directioner if you weren't there at the start!' Well guess what? True Directioners also say 'Louis' not 'Lewis' (again EWWW)
Yer, so anyway.. I love to write fanfics and I hope you love to read mine! I'm only here to support and write about the 5 adorable idiots that make me smile no matter what chiz gets thrown at me in life! So yeah! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio too!
See you in the comments of my fanfic! :):)
xx <3

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Who Knew? (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

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Description: Emma Jane Anderson is a shy 18 year old girl who would love to be big in the music industry. She finally moves on from taking care of her sister because of her parents' tragic car accident and moves to London where she is taking a musical degree in...

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